Ways to Streamline Medical Testing Practices in Your Lab

Ways to Streamline Medical Testing Practices in Your Lab

Ways to Streamline Medical Testing Practices in Your Lab

Medical labs are a very good and rapidly growing business. Over the last two years, during the pandemic, medical laboratories' business skyrocketed. This is a good article for you if you are new to the medical lab. There are many effective ways to monitor your operations and streamline medical testing your lab.

Why is it important to streamline medical testing practices?

Quality is the basis of all laboratory tests. The main goal is to get more samples in less time to ensure the quality of service without sacrificing analytical quality in the laboratory process. The solution is related to software and data automation. Because the software connects all the steps in the process, there is direct communication between the instrument and the Laboratory Information System (LIS). This means that laboratories performing various tests, including laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) with different molecular test menus, can set new standards for reliability and repeatability with fully traceable data. Such integrated systems help laboratories achieve capacity, speed, and accuracy goals.

Tips to Streamline Medical Testing

The changing healthcare environment presents unique challenges for laboratory operations. As Medicare charges penalties for high readmission rates and private payers reduce reimbursement, labs are in a bind.

Conduct an Assessment of Operations

A careful evaluation of hospital pharmacy and laboratory operations helps you to set the right strategic goals. An effectively managed laboratory collects and reviews observational data, performance data from the past 12 months, and benchmarks from outside agencies.

Observation data should include local workflow, and staff should be equipped with an overview of the use and physical factories. You should also analyze staff needs and available equipment and explore the workflow of the current practices.

Lay Foundation for Change

Any successful change effort depends on leadership and communication. To begin the project, you should make a committee of a few credible members who would manage the laboratory processes. 

This committee would overlook all the processes and assign important instructions that would make a big difference in the smooth working of your laboratory.

This change forests trust, communication, and a positive working relationship. A good management committee also develops a communications plan that identifies appropriate audiences and communications requirements for all project activities.

Changes to Consider:

Equipment and Staff Planning

• Apply lean principles to new lab designs that support improved workflows and eliminate silos

• Conduct additional space and square footage review and identify new lab design space required for current and future needs

• Develop strategic plans for key laboratories and help implement them.

Reduced Laboratory Costs

• Develop overtime pay, work schedules, and interdisciplinary training programs for all employees

• Create new staffing levels related to job requirements               

Labor Productivity

• Develop and implement standard labor productivity indicators

• Perform comprehensive audit review and assisted management in non-management roles and responsibilities

Laboratories need to initiate a process that will allow them to streamline workflow. The functioning of laboratories is more or less similar to assembly lines in factories. With proper management, planning, and laboratory design, you can achieve maximum output.

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