Things to do Before Building a Lab

Things to do Before Building a Lab

Things to do Before Building a Lab

All facility renovations or building, particularly for laboratories, involve numerous obstacles and problems that designers must resolve, and they must make many difficult decisions along the way. Even though it is conceivable to delegate most of these duties to the design professionals, active participation in fixing these issues and related decision-making improves the likelihood of a superior result.

Our many years of background in laboratory buildout processes have permitted us to get more acquainted with building out laboratories, and now we're able to specify and build lab spaces that are consistent and optimally sized for science. Here is some of the most valuable advice we have learned along the way.

Locate the ideal partners.

Discovering and partnering with the exemplary contractor, architect, and MEP engineer on your laboratory build is extremely crucial. Discovering partners formerly working on laboratory builds will help minimize errors, especially those connected to facility ordinances and engineering. The perfect situation would be discovering partners who have worked together in the past, proved efficient, and can push the planning stage and mitigate design voids.

Professional and experienced service experts help you avoid wasting precious time and capital on things like installing the wrong pipes, having casework that hinders electrical devices, or any other operational problems that may influence the laboratory's efficiency.

Construct a straightforward equipment list

For a laboratory's spacial and utility design to be shaped by architects and engineers, they will need a detailed gear list. This list should contain equipment measurements, gas, HVAC, power needs, and any other components that cross your mind that might affect the laboratory's design. In addition, it is vital to include anticipated equipment in the list to be able to install any coming electrical, mechanical, or plumbing needs for the future.

Environment, Health, and Safety must be involved in the early phases

EH&S delivers necessary guidance on the operation, configuration, and upkeep of laboratory systems, such as chemical limitations or fire safety laws. Involving environment, health, and safety in the early planning stages is critical since it influences the overall design and lab functions. Great EH&S partners, whether outsourcing or using in-house services, will help determine the highest quantities for chemicals in any provided space and brief you on the control and storage you might require for bio and chem laboratories. Environment, health, and safety will also assist you in understanding the HVAC needs for fume hoods and bio labs required to preserve your personnel's safety. This is vital for engineers and architects when designing systems to sustain all these provisions.

During our numerous years of experience in laboratory buildout, we have witnessed some poorly planned laboratories and optimally designed ones that sustain and amplify companies' science. Observing these steps should assist you with building out laboratory space that meets every required standard. Contact us today for more details.

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