Laboratory Optimization

Laboratory Optimization

Laboratory Optimization

Hankins Consulting is a laboratory consulting firm that collaborates with various lab providers to identify and execute sustainable financial benefits. With nearly 80 years of combined experience, we understand the complexities of running day to day and Dermatopathology laboratories. We offer various services, including full turnkey lab build-out solutions, staff acquisitions, lab management consulting, and compliance services. Hankins Consulting's objective is to supply our clients with the solutions they need to maximize profitability, patient care, and work-life balance.

Is this scenario familiar to you?

  • Your laboratory is experiencing budget planning for the coming fiscal year, and the organization is mandated to discover ways to lower non-labor expenses by 10%. If unsuccessful, labor cuts may be next.
  • As a supervisor within the organization, this is all too familiar for you. You have successfully led expenditure reduction measures in the past, but implementing further savings without surrendering the quality of products and services is a daunting challenge at this juncture.
  • You realize there are several routes to decrease non-labor costs, but understand that many moving parts are critical in proactively assembling a footing to convert your cost structure over the long term.

These are typical challenges we often discover our clients facing. Most laboratories have skilled administration focused on producing cost savings, but they are continually challenged to create value repeatedly.

In these circumstances, a broad approach that specifies value by managing non-labor financial benefits from numerous angles essential for financial success. While this sounds easier than it is, such a strategy is the most practical way to prioritize and identify opportunities with the most significant benefit to the lab, particularly in intricate product and bought services classifications that are challenging to impact.

Our professional purpose

We work tirelessly to demonstrate the overall applicability of value to every laboratory system pursuing sustainable financial benefit across diverse spend categories. In addition, we consistently explore how to evaluate opportunities within each value level and outline key success factors to deliver on the identified opportunities.

Lab design

We take great pride in developing custom-built pathology labs for clients, including custom modular furniture, supplies, staffing, and services to maximize productivity and efficiency. Our labs are built considering each client's space, funding, specimen testing type, specimen volume, and projected volume in the future. In addition, each lab is tailored to deliver optimal workflow and comply with all Local, State, and Federal regulations.

Lab Setup

Our experts source and install quality modular furniture, lab gear, and medical supplies. In addition to recruiting necessary staff, we ensure that equipment is installed and confirmed for use and that all technicians are thoroughly trained. We also create SOPs, logs, policies, and regulatory signage for each lab. We always have a team member on-site to aid with the final inspection.

Laboratory Management

With your new lab up and running, we propose using our management services for a mutually arranged period to protect against unforeseen problems or difficulties. This assistance is a customized alternative, so we limit them to just what is required for your demands and business model.

We are here to assist with all aspects of laboratory optimization, so contact us today for more details.

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