Four Lab Consulting Services You Need to Build Your Lab Business

Four Lab Consulting Services You Need to Build Your Lab Business

Four Lab Consulting Services You Need to Build Your Lab Business

Do you want to elevate your pathology lab services to the next level? Are you looking to make some changes to your lab facility to streamline operations and increase profits? As a lab consulting firm, we help many labs grow their businesses from either the very first stages or a few years into the game. No matter where you are in your business journey, we are here to help. These are a few lab consulting services that you may need to build an grow your business.

Lab Design

The design of your lab is essential to its success. When you plan for your lab design, consider the overall function of the tests you will be performing. Make sure that you keep similar equipment near one another to prevent too much movement while handling samples and chemicals. By organizing equipment based on its use, you can streamline the operations of your lab and avoid any hazards. We also work with you to choose efficient modular furniture, staffing, and other services that optimize lab function.

Lab Management

Is your lab properly managed? Day-to-day operations are important but overseeing them can be even more essential. When you are not properly overseeing the operations in your lab, you may be missing out on opportunities to streamline practices, keep employees safe, avoid testing errors, and much more. Management also creates the culture and atmosphere in the workplace, and you will want to create a positive, uplifting place where people want to work.

Lab Setup

When it comes to lab efficiency, proper setup is everything. Installing, setting up, and building lab furniture and equipment takes time and energy. Our team can come in and assist with the setup process to verify the equipment for proper use. We will also assist in the development of individualized SOPs, policies, logs, and safety signs to adhere to regulations and policies. Once the setup is complete, we will also be there to oversee the lab inspection before opening.

Lab Marketing and Branding

The fun does not stop once the lab design is finalized. In fact, many of our jobs happen after the fact, including our marketing efforts. When you operate a business, you need to have a marketing strategy in place so that you can gain exposure and sell your services. Our team will work with you to come up with a strong logo, mission statement, branding, and any marketing strategies you should implement. We will get your marketing campaign off to a strong start so that you can begin acquiring loyal customers and targeting new ones.

When you want to grow your lab business, you should trust the help of expert consultants that can offer insights into the industry. To hear more about our lab management services, contact Hankins Lab Consulting today.

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