Five Tips for Maintaining a Medical Lab

Five Tips for Maintaining a Medical Lab

Five Tips for Maintaining a Medical Lab

A medical lab is a facility where innovations integrate into medications. Technology and scientific mastery come together to drive significant discoveries favoring public health. Laboratory services are essential to identify the mechanisms involved in critical public health events, including those that may induce health crises of global consideration, according to details communicated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Hence, it is paramount to guarantee laboratory cleanliness and hygiene of laboratory supplies to deliver accurate observations.

The best laboratory supply online stores deliver products that are cost-effective and of superior quality. They can meet the industry benchmarks. However, they might not remain in excellent condition without deep cleaning or wiping. Our experts on laboratory optimization look at a few valuable hacks to keep your lab safe and well managed.

Complete Timely Repairs

Instead of disposing of certain lab items, think about making minor repairs. Repairs can usually bring the items back to life without needing to replace them entirely. In addition, having the equipment restored in a timely fashion is critical to keep patients from acquiring injuries. Finally, fixing your apparatuses quickly can control the threats of costly issues down the road.

Professional Maintenance

Experts must complete regular check-ups and care of lab equipment to help identify faulty elements that can hinder operational precision. You must embrace a preventive maintenance program for efficiency and functionality too. Adequate maintenance leads to lower expenses in the long run by bypassing the costly replacement of medical instruments.

Keep the Lab Organized

A well-organized and sanitary lab is critical to the efficiency of medical examinations and operations. Laboratory instruments and supplies must be held in their designated shelves and drawers by your lab crew members to dodge any accidents and help them locate items quickly. Appropriate storage of specimens alphabetically or according to a product class is also essential to avert reporting errors. Invite your entire team to collaborate to guarantee everything is back in its original place before the laboratory is closed at the end of each day.

Practice Routine Cleaning

At least once every 24 hours, it is essential to disinfect the medical laboratory surfaces. Especially amid the COVID-19 crisis, one must sport disposable lab gloves, clean with water, soap, and disinfectants, and guarantee adequate facility ventilation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Further, you can consider deep cleaning general and dental lab supplies once per week to enhance their functionality.

Ensure Proper Waste Management

Used lab tools like wipes, syringes, cotton swabs, and wound dressings must be disposed of safely. In addition, your laboratory manager needs to ensure there are marked bins to avert hazards via injections, hazardous chemicals, or shattered glass tubes. Finally, your lab team must properly handle exposed medications, used fluid pipes, and radioactive refuse to thwart environmental contamination.

Be wary of poisonous or combustible materials inside the lab. Confirm low temperature and zero radiation when you clean the space. It must be a collaborative initiative of the whole laboratory team. So, get everybody on board to assist with the job and carefully protect lab assets.

Use these tips to maintain your medical lab. Then, call us for laboratory optimization. We are here to help!

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