6 Ways to Improve Lab Reporting and Performance

6 Ways to Improve Lab Reporting and Performance

6 Ways to Improve Lab Reporting and Performance

Laboratory reports are vital for any significant or minor clinical decision in evidence-based medicine. Therefore, the highest priority for any dermatology pathology lab owner is to improve lab performance and generate the best quality lab report possible. Analyzing common reasons for lab report errors leads experts to share these ways to ensure that your lab reports are free of error and you use every available opportunity for laboratory growth management.

Barcode identification

Users can generate a unique bar code for every sample using a laboratory information system. A laboratory information system can generate a unique barcode for every sample that will include the patient's health information at the sample collection point. You can use these barcodes on containers that hold tissue samples to avoid duplication or confusion in transit. Matching patients' samples with needed dermatology pathology laboratory tests accurately ensures an accurate, error-free lab report.

Integrating devices

Automating a dermatology pathology lab as much as possible by integrating and interlinking lab devices through laboratory information systems can significantly reduce the risk of human error. In addition, removing human error from this equation can help to ensure proper diagnosis for a patient who may need to follow up with prompt medical care.

Pre-analyzation checkpoint

Setting up a pre-analytical checkpoint as part of your standard operating procedure can help reduce time and prevent the risk of human error by double-checking all of the details before sending the sample for processing. This step dramatically reduces the risk of misdiagnosis or failure to reach a diagnosis by ensuring samples and tests are matched with the correct patient information.

Calibration and maintenance

Ensuring regular maintenance and calibration schedules on equipment when owning an automated dermpath lab can depend heavily on laboratory information systems to provide reliable reports and save time is vital. Consistent daily error-free reports are only possible with properly calibrated and regularly maintained equipment.

Adherence to assigned login usage

When analyzing test results, only authorized personnel should have access to the system. Allowing someone besides the scientist or pathologist to authorize test results can lead to the possibility of missing notable findings that could considerably impact the treatment of a patient or stall the earliest detection of a significant condition.

Automated reports

In many situations, simple typing errors can result in an incorrect report. Eliminating the need for a typist in the process of automating your equipment's programming to generate reports in a standard

dermatology pathology lab reporting format can play a huge role in reducing costs and ensuring error-free reporting. Using technology to provide error-free lab reports is key to staying ahead of the competition and keeping patients safer during the process of laboratory growth management.

Technological advancement has allowed for safer, more comprehensive laboratory growth management services that benefit patients, employees, and stakeholders alike. We strive to provide laboratory services that positively impact everyone involved in the process, be it patients, partners, or providers. Contact us today to learn more about our services, partnerships, and vision for the future.

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