6 Qualities of a Great Lab Tech

6 Qualities of a Great Lab Tech

6 Qualities of a Great Lab Tech

Are you looking for someone to help you prepare your pathology lab for success? If you want to make sure the people you hire can do the job, you need to know what to look out for. With our help in everything from lab staffing to laboratory buildout, you can choose all the right aspects to grow your lab. These are a few qualities to look for when staffing your lab facility.

Excellent Abilities in Technology

A medical lab tech needs to have experience in several other technical areas. Workers in this field need to know how to use computers and other electronic equipment.

On the list of skills is knowing a lot about computer hardware, software, and electronics. In medical software, you need to know how to use Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, test-routing software, software for sharing test results, and laboratory information system (LIS) software. A lot of the time, they need to know how to use databases, spreadsheets, and word-processing software.

Pay Attention to the Details

The tests and results done in the lab could be very long and need to be done very carefully. When doing research in the lab, scientists often have to do a number of hard tasks, each of which has to be done according to a specific protocol to be done right.

When it comes to these kinds of investigations, it is very important to be detailed. Medical laboratory technicians who pay close attention to details are more likely to have a successful career overall and make fewer mistakes.

A Strong Desire to Learn about Science

Since chemistry, biology, and physiology make up a big part of a lab technician's day-to-day work, good lab technicians need to be well-versed in science and research. They have to know everything there is to know about these topics and having an interest in them will make it easier. Medical laboratory technicians will be more effective and committed to their jobs if they are interested in the field they work in and the procedures they do.

Ability to Get Along with Other People in a Group

A strong ability to work well with others is another skill that a successful lab technician needs. Even though you probably won't talk to the technician who does your tests because they work in a lab, they are an important part of the diagnostic team. A medical lab technician should strongly desire to help people, even if they can't say it aloud. All laboratory technicians have to work with other people on projects.


Keeping a regular work schedule is another important part of a lab technician's job. A lot of the work they do is routine because the client may ask for the same studies to be done daily. It's important to be able to count on someone to make sure that all steps are taken correctly and on time. Focusing on these tasks can help to make things more regular and consistent.

Good Communication Skills

Since laboratory technicians often work together, they must have good communication skills. Technicians may be asked to do various jobs or tasks, and they should be able to explain to other professionals the steps they took and the results they got. They also have to talk about what they find with patients, medical professionals, and others who need to know. For effective communication, people need to be able to hear and speak, take accurate notes, and write down their test results.

These are a few important qualities to look for in a lab tech when you are staffing your lab. If you are looking for solutions in laboratory buildout or lab staffing, contact us to hear more today.

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