Three of Our Lab Consulting Services You Need to Boost Your Lab Business

Three of Our Lab Consulting Services You Need to Boost Your Lab Business

Three of Our Lab Consulting Services You Need to Boost Your Lab Business

Are you working to gain more preferred partners for your pathology lab?  Do you want to increase revenue for your lab business?  Are you looking to expand your lab facility?  When it comes to all of the concerns you have about growing your pathology lab, you will want the experts in lab consulting to work with you to make it happen.  If you are looking for customized, quality pathology lab solutions, we have the answers for you.  There are a few lab consulting services that you need to boost your lab business in 2021.

Lab Design

Our experts have managed many pathology labs throughout their design and building process.  When you are struggling to find the right custom solutions to meet the needs of your lab, you will want us there.  We have designed and customized many lab facilities that have required custom modular furniture and specialized equipment to fit their space and budget.  We work with our clients to ensure that their space is utilized at maximum efficiency so their technicians and employees can be productive and efficient in the lab.

Lab Set Up

In addition to designing labs, we also work with you to set up proper solutions for everything from your furniture and equipment to your set-up and staffing needs.  We have many sources for furniture and equipment set-ups and installations.  Our marketing department also has the right tools and connections to spread the word about your lab facility and create buzz for your new venture.  Our recruiting department can also work to staff your lab with high-quality, trained employees.  The specialists at Hankins Consulting understand the safety procedures, equipment inspections, and policies that need to be in place before you open your doors.

Lab Management

Once the laboratory set-up is done, our work is still not complete.  You will have access to our management services for an agreed upon period of time so that you can become comfortable in all of your new roles and with all of your new responsibilities.  This reduces the chances of you having any complications upon starting a new business or working to boost a new lab facility.  We work with you to customize the management package so that you can have all of your concerns and needs met without breaking your budget.

These are just a few of the many quality lab consulting services that we offer at Hankins Consulting.  As experts in our industry, we provide customized pathology lab solutions that help many businesses grow, thrive, and succeed.  From the beginning stages of your business to the last hire, we will work with you each step of the way.  Contact us to schedule a consultation with our lab consultants today.

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