Supplies You Need to Get Your Lab Started Safely

Supplies You Need to Get Your Lab Started Safely

Supplies You Need to Get Your Lab Started Safely

Lab safety is also critical to lab success.  When you are working with cell and body samples, you need to take extra precaution to follow proper protocol.  This safety is important in ensuring that you provide quality results to your medical clients, and it is also incredibly important to the health of your lab staff.  When you first set out to start your pathology lab, you will need some basic equipment to get you started.  Stocking your lab for the first time can be overwhelming, and many people trust the help of Hankins Consulting for all their laboratory solutions.   There are some basic supplies that you need to get your lab up and running.


To protect your lab staff, you will want to have plenty of gloves available in your lab.  Disposable latex gloves in multiple sizes should be readily available for lab employees to get on an as-needed basis.  In fact, many labs will have multiple boxes available on the lab floor and then have a large stockpile of more gloves in the back to ensure that they never run out of this much-needed supply.


Labs require a specific dress code in order to stay safe.  Many facilities actually provide the apparel they expect their employees to wear.  This means that they have lab coats, goggles, exam gowns, face masks, and other apparel options for their employees on hand.


When you first think of lab supplies, glassware probably comes to mind.  There are many types of glassware required to get the job done in the lab.  From beakers to pipettes to graduated cylinders, these supplies all have a different role and purpose in the lab.  Whether you are testing solid or liquid, you want to be prepared for every material by having all the appropriate glassware in your lab.  Also, labs will use glassware to test samples, whether they are using test tubes or glass slides.

Diagnostic Instruments

From thermometers to defibrillators, there are many diagnostic instruments that are required in a lab setting.  In a pathology lab, they are required to perform diagnostic tests for a range of diseases, and they must be prepared to perform these tests when the samples arrive at the lab.  This involves having sterile supplies and instruments.


To perform tests, labs also need to stock up on certain chemicals.  Acetic acid, formalin, potassium hydroxide, and immunocal are just some of the common chemicals used in lab procedures.  They are often sold in large quantities to make it easier for storage and more cost-effective for lab facilities.

These are just some of the many supplies that you will need to get your lab facility started.  When you are planning to open your lab soon, you will want the support of our lab consulting firm to provide you with the right laboratory solutions for your business success.  Contact us to schedule a consultation today.


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