Lab Billing 101 How to Get Your Clients Patients to Pay

Lab Billing 101 How to Get Your Clients Patients to Pay

Lab Billing 101  How to Get Your Clients Patients to Pay

Let’s face it.  Many patients do not fully understand what diagnostic labs do when their samples are sent their way.  In fact, many people may not even be aware that their samples are sent to a medical lab for testing at all.  This is one of the reasons why patients have a difficult time settling their bills from lab services from your customized pathology lab.  They do not understand what they are being billed for.  However, as a lab business, it is essential that you get your clients’ patients to pay their bills.  It is the only way to keep your lights on.  These are a few tips to help your clients’ patients pay their lab bills so that you can increase revenue.

Offer Payment Plans

Giving your patients a payment plan can help them to pay their bills.  Charging a large sum at one time is extremely daunting and can deter your patients from paying.  Having the option to pay in smaller increments will always help a struggling patient and is an easy way to increase your likelihood of collecting on your patients.  Payment plans allow you to be paid on a regular schedule and make sure that your customer can pay.  Being given the option to pay small chunks of a large payment over several months or years can significantly increase your chances of getting paid and will help the patient too.

Be Open to Negotiations

If possible, allow a patient to pay a slightly lower price on their lab bills is a definite bargain if it means you will be able to collect the entire payment.  Sacrificing a small portion of your pay in exchange for getting paid is a good bargain and will help to make sure that you end up with your payment.  Taking the initiative to understand that a large amount of people is unable to pay large bills will help to allow you to negotiate with those who need a smaller bill.

Educate Your Patients

Helping to teach your patients about the services that your lab has performed and the data that was provided will help them better understand your role in the medical process.  Many people may be unaware of what the lab has done for them.   Provide them with educational resources, information from their test results, and any other data that can educate them on what you have done.

These are just a few ways that you can increase the number of patients that actually settle up their lab bills.  When you are struggling to increase revenue because of unpaid lab bills, you will want to work with a lab consultant to remedy this issue.   Contact Hankins Consulting for your customized pathology lab needs today. 

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