Four Time Management Strategies for Lab Employees

Four Time Management Strategies for Lab Employees

Four Time Management Strategies for Lab Employees

Are you preparing to open your lab after an extensive pathlab buildout?  You have likely completed everything from constructing and furnishing the lab space to hiring all the employees to staff the lab.  When you are training your employees, you need to keep one thing in mind:  time management.  Labs that focus on organization and time management will be much more successful in providing their clients with reliable and timely test results.  These are a few time management strategies that you should teach your lab employees from day one.

Establish a Hierarchy and Understood Roles

Having many job responsibilities can make life get overwhelming quickly, especially when you are also navigating the challenges of living in a new city.  Lab facilities need to establish a hierarchy so that each person can fulfill different responsibilities throughout the day.  Training these employees to know their role will help save time and streamline day-to-day operations in a lab facility.

Provide Organization in the Lab

As a lab facility, you need to focus on organization of the materials.  When a technician needs to complete a specific process, they should have quick access to all the equipment, chemicals, and tools they need without having to go far.  By keeping your workstations organized and labeled, it will be much more efficient to complete certain tests.  Also, the more organized your lab space, the safer your technicians will be.

Keep a Clean Lab Space

One of the best tips to managing your time at work is limiting distractions and keeping a clean lab space.  Create a work environment that is free of clutter, so you stay organized and focused.  Also, remove any clutter, paperwork, or other materials from your workspace so that you can prevent any unnecessary disruptions.  These small changes can make a large difference in quality of your lab test, which affects the results and the patient data.

Prioritize Important Tasks

At the start of each workday, take the time to write down your daily tasks.  After you write down everything you need to accomplish on that day, prioritize the ones that need to be completed first.  By creating a hierarchy of your responsibilities, you can ensure that the items that need to be done earlier in the day get done first.  If you have test results that need to go out today, you should get those done first.  After completing those labs, you can then move on to less pressing tasks.

These are a few strategies for managing your time when working in a lab facility.  By training your employees properly before you reopen your pathlab buildout, you will prepare them for these challenges of the job.  If you are looking for other custom laboratory solutions, contact our experts in lab consulting for the answers today.

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