Five Tips to Hire the Best Employees for Your Lab

Five Tips to Hire the Best Employees for Your Lab

Five Tips to Hire the Best Employees for Your Lab

When you are looking to hire some new workers for your clinical lab, you need to make sure that they are the best fit for the position. They need to be clean, well kept, prompt, reliable, and hard working. However, these aren't all aspects you can tell about a person in a single interview. So, in order to help you accurately hire the best people, we have provided 5 tips to help you hire the right lab employees.

Do it Right and Trust the Pros for Help

For starters, hiring the first person that walks into your office is hardly a good idea. Yes, they might be the right candidate for the job, but you do not know that from one impression. Take your time to review resumes, asking questions, and follow the help and guidance of a staffing agency.  These professionals will help with make the best choices for your pathology lab needs.  

Consider Hiring from Within

Before hiring someone fresh from the streets, look within your lab to see if anyone qualifies or can handle a different kind of job in the lab.  Promoting within is sometimes a cheaper and better way to go.  It is also a great way to improve employee morale and provide incentives to employees that are looking to grow and gain more opportunities in your business.

Perform Multiple Interviews

It is better to hold several interviews with a prospect, allowing different supervisors and departments evaluate the candidate thoroughly before you are left to make a choice. The first interview can be held with a lab manager or the department of human resources. This is the initial interview, where you size up the candidate. You get an idea of who they are, and how qualified for the hiring position they are. If they warrant another interview, you can set this one up with a supervisor or a direct boss.  This is an interview to gauge the work compatibility between the prospect and the boss.  Make sure the questions asked are relevant to the position and the work history of the candidates. Challenge them to see how they respond.

Look for the Whole Package

When you are looking for someone who will last many years working in your lab, you want to trust that they have more than just the basic skills.   You also want to make sure that they are quick learners, problem solvers, and communication experts.  When you find the individual that checks all the boxes, you will also want to consider how to persuade them to stay with you by sweetening the deal for them a little bit.

Ask The Right Questions

Focus on asking questions that challenge the candidates and give you a feel for what they can accomplish and how they think. Their answers should showcase their skills, knowledge, experience, and motivation. You want candidates that have clear personal motivation.

These are a few of the tips to follow in order to hire the right employees to work in your lab.  When you are staffing your lab, you will want to have the professional help of our lab consultants, who are experts in providing both staffing and customized lab solutions to new and growing labs.  Contact us to hear more solutions for your lab facility today.

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