Five Qualities to Look for When You Hire a Lab Technician

Five Qualities to Look for When You Hire a Lab Technician

Five Qualities to Look for When You Hire a Lab Technician

Are you trying to staff your pathology lab to prepare your lab for success?  When you want to hire the best people for the job, you want to trust our staffing services to make the best choices and pick the best candidate for the job.  At Hankins Consulting, we can help you with your customized laboratory solutions so you can reach business success.  There are a few qualities to look for when you hire lab technicians.

Great Technology Skills

Medical laboratory technician requires experience in different technical fields. Individuals employed in this area must use computers and electronics. The skills include general computer hardware, software, and electronics knowledge.  Required medical software expertise includes knowledge in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, test-routing software, test result distribution software, and laboratory Information System (LIS) software. Knowledge of databases, spreadsheets and word-processing programs are often required.

Attention to Detail

Laboratory testing and results can be complicated, requiring thorough detail.  Often lab research involves several complex procedures to be conducted systematically to get them done accurately.  In these experiments, precision is everything.  Medical lab technicians with great attention to detail can make fewer errors and have a higher job success rate.

Passion for Science

Great lab technicians need to have a solid background in science and research since much of their everyday work will address chemistry, biology, and physiology.  Fully understanding these subjects is a prerequisite, but having a passion for them would make you a fantastic technician.  When medical lab technicians have a passion for their job and the subject matter, they will do their work with more effectiveness and dedication.

Great Team-Working Skills

A great lab technician also needs to have the ability to work well with others.  Since they operate in a laboratory environment, they are also critical diagnostic team members, even though you would probably never communicate with the technician conducting your tests.  Having a natural urge to support people, even if you don't talk with them, is a great medical lab technician's attribute.  Teamwork is an essential quality of any lab technician.


Consistency of working days is also important for a lab technician's job.  Much of the work they do is routine since similar experiments can be performed every day if the client needs it.  Being reliable is important in ensuring that all measurements are performed correctly and timely.  Focusing on these duties can indeed help increase consistency and routine.

Good Communication Qualities

Since lab technicians also work with other laboratory technicians, they will need strong communication skills.  In certain cases, technicians may work on various tasks or assignments and should be able to communicate their procedures and results to other specialists accurately.  They also must consult their results with doctors, patients, and other medical personnel.  Communication skills needed include listening and speaking skills, accurate recording, and document their test results.

These are some of the qualities that will make a great lab technician.  When you are staffing your lab, you will want to use the best staffing team to ensure that you hire quality technicians and prepare your lab for success.  Contact the experts at Hankins Consulting to hear about how we can help with your staffing needs today.

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