Equipment to Stock Your Customized Pathology Lab

Equipment to Stock Your Customized Pathology Lab

Equipment to Stock Your Customized Pathology Lab

Are you looking to stock your new pathology or diagnostic lab?  Do you need assistance with your pathlab buildout?  When you are in the middle of a new lab buildout, you need to be concerned with much logistics, like equipment placement, workflow, staff replacement, and lab safety.  Without considering all these aspects, you may create an unsuccessful lab.  As a lab consultant, we provide customized laboratory solutions for lab buildouts.  This is some of the equipment that you need to stock your customized pathology lab after construction.

Diagnostic Machines

The diagnostic machines are some of the bigger machines that you will need to stock your medical facility, as they allow you to do the jobs that make you the most money.  Equipment like EKG machines, X-ray machines, and PET and CAT scanners provide you with the ability to perform certain tests in your facility.  Many hospitals have these machines to provide quality patient care.  Smaller materials include stethoscopes, thermometers, ophthalmoscopes to perform some basic patient testing services when they come into your medical facility.

Daily Supplies

Daily supplies, especially those that are used to protect both your staff and your patients, are important to keep in stock at your hospital or facility.  These supplies include vinyl gloves, face masks, tweezers, paper towels, and sanitizers.  When a patient comes into your facility, you will likely use multiple types of supplies to provide them with safe and quality care.  Keep these items well-stocked in your storage rooms so that you have plenty when you run out.  

Cleaning Machines

Cleaning and sterilizing are important practices that every medical facility needs to implement.  To provide safe medical care to your patients, you will want to have disinfectants and sterilizers stocked in your supply rooms.  You should also consider getting some more high-tech devices that allow you to clean reusable medical tools, like sterilization and sanitization devices.

Lab Equipment

If you run your own lab operations from inside your medical facility, you will also need to have lab equipment to run patient samples on site.  These include centrifuges, microscopes, freezers, Bunsen burners, and much more.  Before you invest in the lab equipment, take the time to identify the testing capabilities you want to have in your lab.

Specialist Tools and Devices

Every medical facility employs specialists that come in to perform specific services, from surgeons to anesthesiologists.  These individuals need to have access to the tools they need to perform their services, like special needles, sterilized tools, and more.  Be sure that you have everything you need to safely perform the procedures and tests you offer your patients.

This is just some of the lab equipment that need to be placed inside your customized pathology lab facility when it is fully constructed.  If you need assistance with any other pathlab buildout concerns, contact Hankins Consulting to hear how we can help you today.

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