Who Do I Need to Hire for My Pathology Lab?

Who Do I Need to Hire for My Pathology Lab?

Who Do I Need to Hire for My Pathology Lab?

Have you just finished building your new lab facility?  Are you moving on to the hiring process but want to make sure that you choose the right people for your business?  Running a pathology lab is a business that requires thoughtful hiring practices to promote employee retention and lower turnover rates.  When you are starting a pathology lab service, you will want to make sure that you hire these positions to get your lab on the right path and have the right individuals working for you from the beginning.

Pathology Lab Manager

Typically, the manager of a laboratory will also be a board-certified physician with a heavy background as a scientist.  When the lab director has this accredited background, the lab facility will have more recognition from private institutions.  This would bolster the credentials of a lab facility and make them more recognized in the scientific community.


These medical doctors have proper training in diagnosing patients by examining tissues, blood samples, and other fluid collections.  They understand the proper ways to analyze data collected from tests, and they are able to provide insight to rule out diseases.  Pathologists work closely with doctors to understand the patient's full history so they can make a proper diagnosis.

General Supervisors

Supervisors are necessary to keep everyone in the lab organized.  These individuals are either general supervisors or technical supervisors that work with a specific specialty.  They ensure that all of the technicians and scientists have what they need to complete their lab responsibilities, and they work as a liaison between the technicians and the pathologists.

Lab Technicians

These individuals are responsible for performing the routine and specialized testing in the lab facility.  They work to provide data to the pathologists so that a proper diagnosis can be made.  They examine the samples and troubleshoot the tests to provide information for diagnosis.  Scientists and technicians will perform quality control checks, evaluate the data, implement new test procedures, and follow safety guidelines.


Some lab facilities specialize in particular pathology services, such as phlebotomy, oncology, or gastroenterology.  When labs have these specialized services, they will also need to have experts in those fields.  This will require a specific level of knowledge in that particular field so that they can provide consultation and oversee tests related to their specialty.

Customer Service Representatives

These individuals do not need to have a background in the sciences, but they do need to demonstrate excellent communication skills to get the job.  You'll have to have customer service and human resources members on your payroll to perform jobs like billing, hiring, calling, advertising, and contacting your medical partners.

These are just some of the main roles and career opportunities that are required to staff your pathology lab.  When you are looking for help with your staffing and hiring practices, you will want to trust Hankins Consulting to implement the right laboratory solutions to put you on the path to lab success.  Contact us to schedule a meeting with our lab design and hiring experts today.

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