Lab Consulting Services We Offer for Your Lab Buildout

Lab Consulting Services We Offer for Your Lab Buildout

Lab Consulting Services We Offer for Your Lab Buildout

Are you in the middle of building a new pathology lab facility?  Are you considering a pathlab buildout?  When you work with our professional lab consulting firm, you will be able to have expert advice and assistance through each step of getting your pathology lab up and running.  We will take care of everything from the initial lab design stages to the final stage of recruiting and billing for your lab.  If you are looking for the best and most experienced consultants to provide you with the customized laboratory solutions you need, trust Hankins Consulting.  There are many lab consulting services that we offer to assist with your lab buildout.

Lab Design

When you are in the initial stages of your lab buildout, you will likely be confused or overwhelmed with where to begin.  We can take care of the design process for you.  When you work with us, we will work with you each step of the way to ensure that your lab facility is efficient, functional, and affordable for your budget.  The design of your lab is critical in ensuring that the construction process goes smoothly, which will save you money in the long run.

Lab Set-Up

When it comes time to put all the equipment and furniture in the lab facility, you will want to follow the design plans and actually set things up in the right manner.  Trust our consulting services to provide you with the right instructions to properly and safely set-up your pathology lab.  From acquiring the furniture, to installing the electric, to organizing the storage and supply areas, we will take care of everything so that your lab can be fully functioning without you having to worry about the logistics.

Lab Management

Once your lab is up and running, you will want to have the proper management to run the lab.  This is essential in creating a great workplace environment, successful business, and organized structure.  Without a solid management strategy and team in place, your lab will not be set up for success.  Trust our consulting firm to advise your management team so you can reach success.

Lab Recruitment

Staffing your lab can also be difficult, especially if you do not have a human resources department in place.  When you work with Hankins Consulting, we will be able to assist with the recruitment process so that you can have quality, experienced, and knowledgeable employees in your lab.  This makes a difference in the type of work that you'll be able to perform each and every day, and it also ensures that you choose employees that will stay.

Lab Billing

Billing practices can be difficult, especially as you start to grow and succeed as a business.  Let our consulting firm take care of your billing so that you can focus on providing quality medical testing services.  We will work to maximize the profits each cycle, automate your billing practices, and communicate with both patients and medical partners so you can increase the revenue each month.

These are just some of the lab buildout services that we offer for your pathology lab.  Whether you are looking to start fresh or you are trying to restructure some aspects of your lab business, you'll want to trust our experts to provide you with the best customized laboratory solutions.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you with your lab buildout today.

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