How to Prioritize Safety in Your PathLab

How to Prioritize Safety in Your PathLab

How to Prioritize Safety in Your PathLab

When you are working in a lab facility, you always need to prioritize the safety of yourself and others.  This is critical in the health of the workers and the results of the tests you are performing, which makes it essential to everyday tasks in the lab.  As a consulting firm that assists in pathlab buildout, we help our clients recognize ways to implement safety in the lab in a practical and natural way.  This can be done by implementing signs, holding frequent trainings, or informing staff on any changes or updates as they pertain to the lab.  There are a few rules and safety precautions you can take in order to prioritize safety in your pathlab buildout today.

Provide Proper Lab Attire

When you are working in the lab, your staff will need to wear the right attire to keep you safe.  Closed toe shoes, safety goggles, and lab coats are must-haves when you are working with toxic chemicals and tissue samples from clients.  Also, you'll want to tie your hair back away from your face to avoid any contamination of testing materials.  This will also keep your employees safe when they are working with any flammable materials.

Practice Proper Chemical Handling

While handling chemicals in the lab, you want to teach and practice safe handling.  Wear gloves anytime you are handling chemicals to protect yourself from any spills or exposure.  You should also never put chemicals back in the container that you found them in, because this will contaminate the chemicals that have yet to be exposed to the air.

Train Employees about Proper Equipment Care

A lab has many different heavy duty pieces of equipment that are necessary in testing samples.  You should always handle this equipment with extra caution and care.  Train yourself on how to properly use this equipment, and always ask questions anytime you are confused about its care.  Use tongs to handle hot glassware, and always use two hands to carry any testing samples.

Teach Your Staff Where to Find Emergency Equipment

Each lab will be equipped with supplies to counteract exposure to toxic chemicals or flames.  This includes an eye rinse, shower, fire extinguisher, or even overhead sprinklers.  You should always familiarize yourself with this emergency equipment so that you know where to locate it in case the situation arises.

Provide a Break Room for Eating and Drinking

Because you'll want to keep food and drink out of the lab, you need to provide your employees with a break room or cafeteria space.  Food and drink can easily contaminate or pollute your testing samples, which will produce inaccurate results that require retesting.   Drinks can also spill, which will create messes or tripping hazards in the lab.  

These are a few of the most common safety rules and precautions that must be followed when working or designing a lab.  By implementing these practices into everyday responsibilities, you will be prioritizing the safety of your employees.   This will also result in more accurate test results that avoid contamination and accidents.  Our consulting team is here to help you keep your lab safe as you work on your pathlab buildout.  Contact us to hear about the lab design and buildout services we offer today.

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