How to Get Your Clients to Pay their Bills for Using Your Lab Services

How to Get Your Clients to Pay their Bills for Using Your Lab Services

How to Get Your Clients to Pay their Bills for Using Your Lab Services

Are you struggling to get your clients to pay their bills for using your lab services?  Many people that receive confusing medical bills for services that they have already received will often put their bills aside and forget to pay them.  Perhaps this is because they are confused by the medical jargon on the bill or they simply want to try to avoid paying, assuming that their insurance will pick up the payment.  As a lab consultant, we offer many lab solutions to help pathology lab businesses grow.  This involves helping them streamline their medical billing in order to increase their monthly revenue and get clients to pay for their services.  There are a few suggestions for getting your clients to pay for the services they've used at your lab.

Have a Clear Payment Policy

Whenever patients come to you for your medical services, be clear about your payment policy.  This way, you avoid having to field phone calls or questions after billing is done.  Also, this provides patients with the clear consequences, such as late fees or penalties, if they do not pay on time.  When you have a standardized payment policy, it reduces the aggravation of having to defend yourself when patients have issues paying.

Provide More Payment Options

Sometimes patients truly forget to pay simply because they do not have checks on hand.  By offering more payment options, you will likely get more patients to pay their bills.  Today, online payment systems are a great way to settle up with patients.  These systems make it easy for patients to log in and enter their credit card information to save to their account.  This way, when they go to pay their bills, they only have to click on 'pay.'

Set Reminders

Patients often times forget or file away their bills in a heap of other mail.  This means they won't pay up right away.  You can prevent this issue by setting reminders to alert them of their payments.  Online reminders are the easiest and least complicated method of reminding patients about their impending bills.  You can also send them postcards or even resend their bills entirely.

Open Communication

During the time of their appointment, you should always discuss the payment policies and options with your patients.  This makes your intentions clear and it also provides them with the information they need to actually make the payment.  Discuss their deductible and any potentially not covered fees that they can be billed for after the appointment.  This eliminates any surprises.

These are a few of the ways you can increase your monthly lab revenue by getting more clients to pay for their lab services.  In order to profit from the services you provide, you must take the right steps to ensuring that your clients pay their bills.  For other lab consulting advice and customized lab solutions, contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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