Four Services of a Pathology Lab

Four Services of a Pathology Lab

Four Services of a Pathology Lab

Have you ever gone to the doctor and given a blood sample?  Has your dermatology ever performed a skin biopsy?  Did you ever go to urgent care and receive a swab of your throat?  All of these simple tests collect your samples so that they can be sent to a pathology lab for further testing.  In a pathology lab, they perform many different tests to help determine whether patients need to be made aware of any health concerns.  Customized pathology lab work needs to be done in order to make a diagnosis or to rule out this concern.  There are many services performed by a pathology lab.

Customized Pathology Services

These services include the testing done in the pathology lab, so this makes up the largest chunk of the lab's responsibilities.  Technicians are trained to perform many different tests, ranging from anatomical pathology testing to diagnostic molecular pathology testing.  There is also testing done to determine chemistry components, blood bank viability, skin disorders, neuropathology, and much more.  

Medical Consultation

Although you may be getting your lab results directly from the doctor who took your samples, you may also hear from the lab.  When this occurs, they may also offer you medical consultation.  This can involve a diagnosis or simply just information about the test results themselves.  Many lab tests may need to be explained to patients who aren't aware of what the results mean or what was done to determine them.  For this reason, many pathology labs offer medical consultation.

Referral Services

Many pathology labs work with an abundance of medical facilities and medical professionals.  Because of this, they have knowledge on these services and will likely be able to refer you to the correct place.  When you get your lab results, they may include a referral in their documentation of your results.  This can help you make the best choice for where to go and what to do with your results, especially if you aren't already set up with a practice.

Customer Service

When you trust a customized pathology lab to provide you with quality results, you also want to be able to discuss these results with them.  Many labs have quality customer service representatives to answer any of your questions or address your concerns.   They can assist you with documentation, paperwork, and other basic information that you may need to relay to your lab.

These are just a few of the services that are performed in many pathology labs.  Customized pathology lab work then informs medical professionals of the results of each patient's lab test so that they can make the correct diagnosis.  This information is vital in deciding a course of treatment for the patient.  Medical professionals trust the pathology lab to provide them with quality services and fast, reliable results.  In order to utilize premiere lab consulting services to help maximize the efficiency of your lab, contact us today to hear about how we can help.

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