Five Common Pathology Services Offered at Many Lab Facilities

Five Common Pathology Services Offered at Many Lab Facilities

Five Common Pathology Services Offered at Many Lab Facilities

When designing your lab facility, you want to keep in mind the top pathology services that are frequently offered at labs.  Your design will depend on the types of services you plan to offer, as the equipment, machines, and workspace will need to be allocated for particular jobs before you actually get started on lab construction.  When you work with us to create your customized pathology lab, you can have insight to the types of services you should offer and how to make it possible to perform the necessary tasks.  These are some of the most common pathology services offered at many lab facilities.


This branch of pathology services is related to the difficult diagnoses of many skin disorders, including melanoma and other skin diseases.  Because there are many different skin disorders, this can be a challenging task to determine the right diagnosis and course of treatment for your patients.  When you offer this service, dermatopathologists on staff will also be able to consult with your medical partners, which provides a personalized service that is unmatched.

Gastrointestinal Pathology

This involves the study of many diseases and disorders related to the digestive system.  Because of the nature of these diseases, many labs work closely with many gastroenterologists and internal medicine specialists to provide their patients with the most accurate diagnosis and test results possible.

Surgical Pathology

Perhaps one of the most challenging and complicated of all the pathology services that is commonly offered, surgical pathology involves the study of surgical specimens and biopsies that are removed during a surgery process.  This includes microscopic study of the specimens and consultations with the medical professionals that have experience with the patient in question.

NON-GYN Pathology

This service involves studying the cytological changes and aspects of cells to determine diagnoses related to cancer and other infectious diseases.  These cells may be captured by the use of fluid distraction from brushings, washings, or aspirations.  This service involves microscopic study of cells and also consultative services to discuss the full range of patient symptoms with other medical professionals.  

Urologic Pathology

This branch of pathology aims to diagnose diseases related to the kidneys, bladder, and prostate.  We take the time to determine many urological disorders, which means lab employees will work closely with many urologists to help them diagnose, treat, and manage these disorders in their patients.  Biopsies and endoscopic test results are taken into account when we are studying urologic pathology.

These are five of the most common pathology lab services that are provided by medical lab facilities.  If you are looking to accommodate many different clients, you'll want to consider the services you plan to offer as you design your customized pathology lab.  With our help, we can work on maximizing the space and design of your lab so that you can perform the services that will bring in business and make your lab profitable.  Contact us to hear about our lab consulting services today.

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