Why You Need Marketing for Your Pathology Laboratory

Why You Need Marketing for Your Pathology Laboratory

Why You Need Marketing for Your Pathology Laboratory

So your pathology laboratory is fully constructed to run without a hitch.  Now what?  It's time to promote and market your services to medical facilities and to score business quickly with the right marketing strategies.  At Hankins Consulting, we not only assist with laboratory planning and equipment acquisition, we also see our laboratory clients through the entire laboratory build out process.  This includes marketing and promotion of the lab once your laboratory is prepared for business.  Marketing your pathology laboratory is a critical aspect to owning and operating a successful business, and there are many reasons why you need to promote your laboratory.

Draw In New Business

With constant budgetary restrictions and regulations, one of the ways to ensure success as a pathology laboratory is to focus on increasing revenue.  This requires new business to be constantly cycling through your doors.  In order to reach more clients, marketing is necessary.  Before you open your doors, consider drawing in the local medical community by using brochures or visiting their offices to educate them on your services.  Contacting businesses in person and investing some time in their business will ultimately show that you care about the quality of their services and you can then strategize and promote how your two companies can work together to benefit patients.  

Make a Great First Impression

Successful marketing strategies almost always aim to make a great first impression that sticks with potential clients.  Branding and promoting your services with easy-to-remember taglines or logos is a great way to instill your services in the minds of potential clients.  Brochures, pamphlets, websites, signage, billboards, business cards, and magnets are great ways to distribute your information to many places at once.  This impression will then stick with people as they are rummaging through drawers or driving past one of your signs.  

Show that You Care

By including patient and client experiences and reviews in the promotion of your business, you will be able to increase the amount of clients that want to do business with you.  When a pathology laboratory seeks clients, their clients want to be reassured that the equipment is state-of-the-art, the technicians operate safely and reliable, and the testing done is accurate and timely.  By using customer experiences to build your reputation, you can boost your sales with real-life experiences to back you up.  Word of mouth is one of the oldest marketing strategies in the book, but when you provide a great service, it is often what keeps clients coming back.

Be Accessible

In today's day and age, people like to have access to information quickly--and often times, at their fingertips.  By creating a website, you will create around-the-clock availability to information about your laboratory and services.  This is critical in client retention, because they will be able to access your company's website from any smartphone, computer, or tablet.  Websites that are user-friendly, attractive, and navigable find the most success and have the highest return rates.  By creating a website, promotion of your company is always out there, and your doors are always open for business.

While marketing and promotion of your pathology laboratory may seem like the last step in a long journey to getting your doors open, it is a critical part of the process.  In order to increase profitability and client retention, marketing and branding your laboratory is a must.  Trust Hankins Consulting with your laboratory marketing needs.


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