Strategies for Laboratory Build Out and Planning

Strategies for Laboratory Build Out and Planning

Strategies for Laboratory Build Out and Planning

Whether you are just beginning to plan your laboratory or you are planning a renovation of an existing laboratory, the construction process can take time and considerable thought.  This process can be challenging.  There are many pieces of equipment that are required to help a lab reach full function and perform all the tests it needs to, and some of these pieces need to be properly placed, affixed, or even flexibly available to technicians.  Because there are a lot of pieces to laboratory build outs, it is advisable to seek help.  At Hankins Consulting, we understand how to create laboratory spaces that are designed for maximum efficiency.  We offer multiple strategies to ensure success in laboratory build out and planning.

Consider Design and Layout

Before you begin moving furniture and equipment into the laboratory space, plan out the design and layout in advance.  You want to consider the electrical outlets, windows, and spacing.  Once the equipment, countertops, and cabinets are installed, you will not be able to change their location without considerable effort, time, and money.  Consider placing electrical needs within proximity of plugs, and be sure that they can handle all the power that your equipment requires, whether it be an affixed liquid nitrogen freezer or a movable microscope.  Making these decisions in advance is necessary to keep the construction process running smoothing and efficiently.

Make Sure Equipment Fits

When you order you equipment, mark down the size and clearance required for each piece to ensure that it fits in the laboratory space you have.  Countertops and tables are flexible and can fit in many different places, but larger pieces of equipment, such as freezers, large centrifuges, and refrigerators need to be properly placed.  You may want to hire a design team to help you make these choices, which may not always be easy.  Certain pieces of equipment will need to be affixed to one location, while others may need to be near a window or door for safety reasons.

Make One Large Order

In order to save money on orders and delivery, bundling items into one or two large orders is the best option.  This will help to considerably cut costs to building up your laboratory.  Often times, companies will offer discounts when you buy in bulk or wholesale.  Bulk orders will also help you in the long run, because you won't be running out for replacement supplies or equipment any time soon.  Instead, you can focus on getting your laboratory up and running efficiently.  Some laboratory companies may also allow you to bid on prices for equipment, especially when it has already been previously used.  This can help cut costs as well.  

With many different considerations, laboratory build outs and construction planning is no easy task.  With Hankins Consulting, you'll have trusted and experienced experts in your corner, giving you constant advice and planning strategies to implement.  Before you start your laboratory build out, contact Hankins to ensure the efficiency and success of your project.


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