Major Details When Considering a Customized Pathology Laboratory Buildout

Major Details When Considering a Customized Pathology Laboratory Buildout

Major Details When Considering a Customized Pathology Laboratory Buildout

If you are thinking of doing a pathology laboratory buildout, you need to consider many details before you hire a contractor, pound the first nail, or buy the first piece of equipment. Getting a firm grasp on the overall process helps it go much more smoothly when you start to make detailed decisions with your consultant, like Hawkins Consulting.

Create a Social Lab

When you choose to create a social lab, you let different team members work together efficiently. Additionally, when you select a social lab, there is plenty of room to introduce new technology as it rapidly becomes available. Creating a social lab allows you to save money because you will not have to repeat the process as soon. Social labs also encourage team members to work together to solve problems, so your patients get better quality care. Encourage effective teamwork by incorporating places for people to meet together.

Use Open Lab Concepts Where Possible

While there will be some areas of your PathLab that must be closed, such as tissue culture labs, darkrooms, and glass washing stations, the rest of the lab should have an open lab concept. Consider putting the central lab close to the door where visitors will come in and leave as this symbolically shows that you are putting your main emphasis on their level of care. At the same time, try to build as much flexibility into the space as possible, allowing you to make changes in the future easily. A great way to make sure that the lab stays flexible is to offer easy connects and disconnects to a variety of electrical services. Providing spaces where equipment can be stacked saves counter space and makes the lab more flexible. 

Include Workable Computer Space

PathLab buildouts today must include workable computer space. You may want to include specialized hardware to hold the needed computers, laptops, and tablets. Concentrate on creating electronic solutions with security in mind. Consider options that can be adjusted to fit various users comfortably. 

Follow Codes 

Codes controlling pathology labs are continually changing. Consider working with a pathlab buildout consultant who has many years of experience in the field. They can predict what near-term code changes you are going to need to meet that are not yet in place. Foreseeing code changes can help eliminate expensive remodels soon. The consultant should also be aware of changes that may be coming down in OSHA and EPA standards to help you prepare for these during the buildout.  

Consulting with Ron Hawkins of Hawkins Consulting is a marvelous plan. He has years of experience in the health care field. His innovative approaches to solving issues make him instantly rise to the top of the list of consultants for pathlab buildouts. Call him today to get the process started.

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