Four Common Issues that Lab Technicians Face

Four Common Issues that Lab Technicians Face

Four Common Issues that Lab Technicians Face

Your medical laboratory has a critical job in the diagnostic process.  Your results must be accurate, timely, and informative.  This means that your lab must run smoothly, efficiently, and safely in order to ensure quality results for your clients.  Your lab technicians should be fully trained on the right practices and procedures for the jobs you need them to perform, or else they will suffer from issues that halt productivity.  There are a few common issues that many lab technicians face when working in a customized laboratory.

Short Staffing

Many customized laboratories are understaffed, or staffed with those lacking experience.  This requires additional and frequent training of new or uneducated employees, which takes valuable resources away from work that turns a profit.  Often times, lab techs will pick up extra shifts to cover the work, which means that they are being worked to the bone.  This can lead to burnout or even early exit from the job.  

Disconnect from Management

Lab technicians are hired to perform the routine lab work, which is important to overall lab success.  However, because they are often found in the lab performing the work, they do not often communicate with upper management.  This can lead to a disconnection between the parties, which can result in unhappy workers or mistaken messages.  When there is an open and frequent line of communication between techs and management, they will likely work in better harmony.  Management will also be able to make better decisions with the knowledge of the everyday tasks that lab techs perform in their lab.

Negative Relationships with Other Medical Professionals

Often times, lab technicians are constantly called or bothered to produce results quicker and more efficiently for their clients.  They are interrupted by other medical professionals, even when there is nothing they can do to make their test results come any faster.  This leads to negative relationships between the two.  Helping other medical professionals understand the inner workings of a lab will help to bridge the gap between these two parties.

Constant Change

In a laboratory setting, there are always changes being made.  There may be slow business one minute, and then the next minute, a bunch of tests could come through the door.  This requires both a patience and flexibility in the job.  Lab technicians are trained to deal with stressful situations that require quick and accurate turnaround.  However, this doesn't mean that the work is easy.  Each work day is different, which can make coming to work a little stressful for a lab technician.

These are just a few of the common issues that plague many lab technicians in their daily work.  By creating a customized laboratory, you can help avoid these issues.  This can then lead to optimum productivity and profitability for your medical laboratory.  Contact us today if you need consultation on how to become more productive in your lab.

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